What's Your Bucket List Beer?

Canadian Breakfast Stout. Have you tried it? [Photograph: Kat Bryant]

One of the most frustrating things about being a beer lover in this country is that you just can't get what you want—tons of brews never make it past state lines, let alone across the country. But this frustrating truth is also part of what makes beer exciting—some truly special beers just can't be made in mass quantities for wide distribution, so you'll have to travel (and make a little effort) to taste some of the nation's best.

I'm sure not all of you plan vacations around beer destinations (though some of you might!) but I'm guessing that in the back of your head you have a beer or two you're dreaming of, whether it's Pliny the Younger, Kate the Great, Hopslam, or Surly's whole lineup—or maybe a freshly brewed batch from some nanobrewery the rest of of haven't even heard of yet.

What beers do you really hope to try someday? Which are deserving of a spot on your bucket list? And have you crossed any off the to-try list recently?