Spot of Tea: Le Palais des Thés Grand Yunnan Imperial


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

This smooth and earthy Chinese tea has buttery flavors and hints of cocoa—it's mouthfilling, satisfying, and stands up well to multiple infusions. Brewed in a gaiwan, it's light on the tannins—a delicate black tea but not a wimp. The first round comes out lush and soft, the second deeper, wrapped in dark-caramel flavors, with a bit more malty grassiness coming out in subsequent steepings, then circling around, growing velvety and fruity. This is a tea you can reinfuse all afternoon.

It's delicious in the morning with a bran muffin or rustic scone, or later with yakitori or soba noodles, a hunk of aged gouda or a gingersnap.

$12 for 100 gram pouch, available online. Sample provided for review consideration.