New Beer: Widmer Brothers Oatmeal Porter

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[Photograph: Jessica Leibowitz]



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We drink more than our fair share of oatmeal stout—there's something about the creaminess that always calls to us. But we haven't seen a ton of oatmeal porters, so Widmer Brothers' new release in the Series 924 collection drew our attention.

The toasted oats add a bit of nuttiness to this coffee-tinged, lightly roasty beer, but it's lighter-bodied and more crisp than you'd get from most stouts, with that touch of milky sourness that you often find in classic porters. You wouldn't characterize this beer as super-rich and creamy, but if you're looking for a refreshing dark beer option for a cool evening, it might do the trick. Widmer Brothers Oatmeal Porter also has a significant hop flavor (the Cascade hops are unmissable, though they also use a hop called Alchemy) which increases the refreshment-factor, though some might find the hoppiness a little distracting. Try this beer with ribs or a pastrami sandwich.

Available in four-packs of 12 ounce bottles, 22 ounce bombers, and draft. Sample provided for review consideration.