New Beer: Stiegl Grapefruit Radler


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]



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You've probably heard of a shandy—a beer mixed with cider or sparkling lemonade (or sometimes ginger ale). The German-speaking variation of this easy-drinking beverage, the radler, similarly calls for sparkling lemonade or Sprite—and Austria's Stiegl brewery has been exporting a bottled lemon radler to the US since 2004. But now you can also find a grapefruit radler, made with Stiegl's Goldbrau lager and grapefruit soda, in Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, with more markets coming soon.

Once you get past the hurdle of pouring soda in your beer, grapefruit soda in your lager makes sense. The refreshingly light and crisp drink has only 2.5% alcohol, so you can have a couple as you sit out in the spring sunshine. The slight grapefruity bitterness mingles nicely with the beer bitterness—and, as one Serious Eats editor exclaimed upon tasting, "this is soda in the front, party in the back." The beer flavor comes out a bit after you swallow, and then another sip brings back tart grapefruit flavor—more vividly grapefruity than Fresca, perhaps closer to Fizzy Lizzy levels. It's a beer drink for people who always wished beer was a little fruitier and a little lighter.

Available on draft and in six-packs. Sample provided for review.