Hangover Helper: Kopi and Kaya Toast with Eggs, Singapore

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.

A breakfast set that settles [Photograph: Yvonne Ruperti]

It happens. You pry open your swollen eyes and remember climbing into the cab to head home, but not crawling into bed (hey, at least it's your own). And your credit card: "Oh no...is it still at the bar waiting to be closed out?" With a morning like this the last thing you want to do is make decisions. Especially the hungover breakfast question of the day: "Do I want salty or sweet?" Fortunately if you're in Singapore, their national breakfast has got you covered: Kopi and Kaya Toast with eggs. And you won't have to drag yourself far because it's right outside your front door.

On almost every Singapore block there's a Kopitiam, or coffee shop, that sells this delicious traditional breakfast. Head over to Kopi Alley and order the breakfast set (SGD $3.50) which will satiate your cravings for caffeine, salt, and sugar all in one shot.

Four slices of a soft brown bread are toasted and sandwiched together with salted butter and a slathering of Kaya Jam (an absolutely addicting curd made of caramelized coconut milk, palm sugar, eggs, and pandan). The chewy crust is sliced off, which turns it into a delicate tea sandwich. A hot cup of kopi (Malay word for "coffee"), usually served sweetened and with evaporated milk, will give you a good enough jolt at least to get you back to bed. Crack open the two perfectly soft boiled eggs into your dish and salt it up with a moderate squirt of soy sauce. Dip the toast into the eggs or kopi, or do like the locals do and slurp the eggs right from the dish.

Kopi Alley

Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore (map)