First Look: Brunch Cocktails at The Beagle, NYC

[Photograph: Alice Gao]

When he opened The Beagle in New York's East Village last May, owner Matt Piacentini was definitely not interested in serving brunch.

"At first, I was adamant that I didn't want to do daytime stuff—I really wanted to focus on the cocktails," he said. "But seeing the clientele, I started to think, 'I bet these people would drink just as many cocktails at brunch.'"

The same serious attention to rare ingredients and revisiting classic cocktail recipes is displayed on The Beagle's lengthy and thoughtful menu of brunch drinks.

With selections ranging from clean, easily drinkable concoctions to kick-your-hangover-in-the-face elixirs, bar manager Dan Greenbaum's drinks often pull inspiration from past cocktail trends—a Holland Razor Blade is enlivened with tequila and chile, and a Stinger goes South American with pisco and Branca Menta. Overall, Greenbaum prefers to take a minimalist approach to his drinks, allowing the complementary flavors to shine. "I like to make drinks with as few ingredients as possible," he says.

Check out some of the new offerings—all $13—in the slideshow. And, check out The Beagle's brunch food here.

The Beagle

162 Avenue A, New York NY 10009 (map) 212-228-6900;