6 Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Milkshakes for Grownups

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

We get really excited about Girl Scout cookie season. And we get really excited about milkshakes, and especially excited about spiked milkshakes. So today we've brought them all together in this collection of the ultimate (and we mean ultimate) Girl Scout cookie-inspired milkshakes for grownups. These shakes capture the essence of the cookies you love, in rich dairy form, with a little something extra to deepen the flavors and make the party just a little more fun.*

*These shakes aren't likely to get anyone wasted, the alcohol level is pretty low to let the cookie flavors take the starring role.

Thin Mints

20120316-girl-scout-cookies-small-thin-mint.jpgIf I could only have one Girl Scout cookie, I'd go with the Thin Mint. Intense and chocolaty, fresh and minty—they're especially good right out of the freezer. To create a Thin Mint milkshake worthy of the name, we needed to go beyond a lame blend of mint-chip and chocolate ice cream. The answer's in a little peppermint schnapps and just enough tequila to make it vivid without making it boozy. (Trust us, you can't taste the tequila, but it makes the flavor better.) To bump up the chocolate intensity, we added unsweetened cocoa powder. The result inspired squeals of delight at Serious Eats Headquarters: it's worthy use of one precious sleeve of Thin Mints. Get the Recipe »


20120316-girl-scout-cookies-small-tagalogs.jpgThe creamy, peanutbuttery interior of a Tagalong is just screaming to be milkshakeified. So for this milkshake, we started with lots of smooth peanut butter and a little bit of bourbon. Butter pecan ice cream makes for a rich and nutty shake with the perfect balance of sweet and salt. Get the Recipe »

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20120316-girl-scout-cookies-small-dosido.jpgThe Do-si-do is a relatively straightforward little peanut butter sandwich cookie, but it inspires quite a tasty milkshake, enriched with peanut butter and nutty Frangelico, plus a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg. Get the Recipe »


20120316-girl-scout-cookies-small-samoas.jpgThe key to these cookies is the chewy coconut texture and deep caramel sweetness, so we created a rum-spiked milkshake that contains a handful of toasted coconut bits. Coconut milk adds a little tropical richness to the dulce de leche base. Get the Recipe »


20120316-girl-scout-cookies-small-trefoils.jpgOur Trefoil-inspired milkshake is essentially a classic, simple bourbon-spiked vanilla shake, except with one Momofuku Milk Bar-inspired twist. The milk for the shake is infused with toasted Trefoil cookies, Cereal Milk-style. Sprinkle the top with crumbled cookies to complete the package. Get the Recipe »

Savannah Smiles

20120316-girl-scout-cookies-small-smile.jpgLemony Savannah Smiles inspired an extra-thick milkshake that gets its tartness from fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, and lemon vodka, balanced with the creaminess of many, many scoops of vanilla ice cream. Get the Recipe »

About the Author: Maggie Hoffman is the editor of Serious Eats: Drinks. You can follow her on Twitter @maggiejane.

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