5 Gin Cocktail Recipes from Pourhouse in Vancouver, BC

[Photographs: Melody Fury]

Since it opened 2 years ago, Pourhouse has become a prominent part of Gastown's cocktail scene. Although situated across from the Steamclock, an often-crowded Vancouver, BC landmark, It's by no means a tourist trap. For locals, Pourhouse is a beacon for thoughtfully constructed cocktails paired with solid comfort food.

Bartenders at Pourhouse strive to serve up the classics without making any compromises, and according to bar manager Patrick Reynard, the team is constantly creating new concoctions such as as these 5 new gin drinks.

Reynard, a Montreal transplant who has been with Pourhouse since the construction, is thankful that the staff has a lot of freedom to experiment. These five gin cocktails feature the many sides of the spirit, from light and bright to deep and herbal.

To start off, the frothy Don't Mind if I Do is easy-sipping. Elderflower liqueur's floral character is balanced by the zing of fresh lime juice, and celery bitters round off the drink with an earthy savoriness.

For the coral colored Testa Rossa, bartender Brian Grant selected the locally distilled Victoria Gin and mixed it with Aperol and lemon for a cocktail evocative of blood oranges and juicy watermelon. The shaken egg white creates a silky texture and provides body.

For a post-dinner drink, choose Jutland Calling, a complex cocktail on the sweeter side. Bornholmer Bitter, a lesser known Danish bitter, provides a pronounced cardamom scent to the cocktail, which finishes with a hint of burnt sugar.

Il Padronne, a lighter variation of the classic Negroni, and the Averna-based Penny Farthing are offered off menu—you can request them by name at the bar, or try your hand at the recipes below. Check out the slideshow for a peek at the drinks.

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