Soda: What's Your Favorite Soda Fountain Combination?

[Photos: Alice Gao]

When I was a kid, I'd look forward to fast food restaurants or arcade birthday parties not for the burgers or video games, but for the soda fountain. A plain old soda wasn't any fun when compared to the opportunity to mix all of them.

Back then, orange soda and Coke was my favorite combination, maybe with a little bit of Sprite thrown in there, too. This was before Coke had started selling in every flavor imaginable, and something about the combo of cola and citrus really did it for me. Now, when faced with a Freestyle machine, I tend to gravitate toward the same, except now it's Coke Zero and Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade together (Coke Zero Lemon just doesn't pack the same punch). Kenji and Erin looked at me a bit strangely when I mixed myself one on a Five Guys mission last week, but trust me: it works.

I know I'm not the only soda mixer, past or present. What's your favorite soda fountain combination? (And does it get crazier if a Freestyle is involved?)