Send Us Your Beer Questions!


It appears that this "beer" beverage is gaining something of a following, right? And the Serious Eats crew is more than adept at explaining which saisons to drink, as well as how to brew them yourself. We've covered weird Russian brews and what to sip with your spicy Chinese takeout.

But for the newly minted beer enthusiast, there must be areas we're missing. Have you ever tagged along at an IPA tasting, only to keep mum instead of asking what in the heck "IPA" stands for? Or maybe you found yourself at a beer bar, stymied when it came your turn to order? Do you have trouble finding a beer you like? Do you get confused about IBUs and ABVs? Are you ready to explore, but don't know where to get started?

That's why we're launching "Ask Beerspotter," a new beer advice series in which I'll address your burning-est questions on brew.

No topic is off the table, whether it's drinking, label-translating, shopping, cooking, etiquette, or relationships (hey, worth a shot). This is your friendly, snark-free space to air out your curiosity.

So let's get started! What do you want to know about beer?

What have you always wondered? Drop your questions here in the comments, on Twitter at @beerspotter, or via email at [email protected] if it's something, um, sensitive. We look forward to chatting beer with you!