A Peek Inside The New Blue Bottle Coffee in Chelsea, NYC

Has the world paid enough attention to Blue Bottle Coffee Co. yet? Perhaps not, as the bicoastal roaster opened its second New York City shop (leapfrogging ahead of their also-planned Rockefeller Center store) last weekend to curious murmurs and continued complaints about lack of seating.

Their newest shop, however—no doubt one of many more planned in the era of venture-capital-infused cappuccinos (see also: Stumptown)—brings a coffee experience to New York City that it (and most anywhere else in this country) hasn't often seen before. Behind the standard-issue espresso and pourover bar in front, geared largely towards takeaway clientele too timid to cross 15th Street to go to Ninth Street Espresso, is a full-service sit-down Siphon and "Nel" Bar.

Offering personalized service on a selection of brewers, as well as pastries and toast, the intimate setting is both warm and geeky—and just separated enough from the rush of the city to provide a perfect space to pause, focus, and learn about coffee.

The siphon bar offers three selections, with one offering also available on the charming Nel Pot. And though Blue Bottle's always been strongest in service and presentation, look for the company's coffee offerings to elevate, too, as rumors circulate about the company adding a pedigreed green coffee buyer to their roster. Will the hype that is Blue Bottle suddenly become a force to be reckoned with on all arenas? We'll be standing by (perhaps because there are no seats available) to taste the results.

Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

450 West 15th Street, New York NY 10011 (map)