San Francisco: 10 Hot Chocolates We Love

[Photographs: Carrie Vasios]

Hot chocolate can be drunk year round in San Francisco—even our summers can be downright chilly. Yet the weather only partially explains why there are so many good cocoa options in this town. San Francisco's habitual focus on quality ingredients shines: top-notch chocolate is used as the base (no powder here), plus delicious dairy poured with proper technique.

Here in San Francisco, you can find a range of hot chocolate styles, from old fashioned marshmallow-topped comfort drinks to intense, unsweetened sips for the true chocoholic. Best of all? The city's Mexican influence means that spicy, thick Mexican style hot chocolates abound. Check out 10 of our favorites in the slideshow!

Our Hot Cocoa Picks

Hot Chocolate at Baker and Banker
Spiced Hot Chocolate at Tcho
Hot Chocolate at XOX Truffles
Hot and Spicy Extra Dark Hot Chocolate at Cocoabella
Hot Chocolate at Réveille Coffee Company
European Drinking Chocolate at Boulette's Larder
Hazelnut Hot Chocolate at Christopher Elbow
Rich Hot Chocolate at Butter Love Bakeshop
Hot Chocolate at Arlequin Cafe
Hot Chocolate at Leonidas Chocolate