5 Updated Classic Cocktails from The Hawthorne, Boston, MA

[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

We've long been fans of Jackson Cannon's work in Boston, most notably as the bar manager at Eastern Standard (where our Boston community members will be meeting up for International Serious Eats Day on February 25th!) and Island Creek Oyster Bar. A few months back he reintroduced us to the Jack Rose, a classic drink that combines applejack and grenadine.

This time we're here to take a look at The Hawthorne, the first bar in which Cannon actually has a personal stake as proprietor. His partner is Garrett Harker, proprietor of both Eastern Standard and Island Creek Oyster bar. A man who could aptly be described as the Danny Meyer of Boston, his restaurants and bars are known for their unmatched service.

The old Foundation Lounge space has been completely gutted and renovated, and it was a much needed improvement. Gone are the multi-colored LED's and cramped, dark spaces. In their place is one of the most warm, welcoming bars I've ever seen. Spacious and well-lit with large, comfy couches, low tables, and armchairs. There are bar stools for those who want them, but if you'd prefer to feel like you're sitting in your neighbor's living room, well, that's an option too.

We asked Cannon to share five recipes with us from their menu, which focuses largely on stripped down, updated classics. Most drinks are under four ingredients and served simply, focusing on technique and balance rather than dozens of competing flavors or fancy garnishes.

Check 'em all out in the slideshow above, or jump straight to the recipes below.