Wine Protips Video: How To Talk To A Sommelier


When many of us encounter a sommelier at a fancy restaurant, we get intimidated and don't say much. It seems awkward to ask questions about a wine list that might as well be in gibberish, and even worse to say that we don't want to spend too much. But according to Patrick Cappiello, the wine director at GILT Restaurant, the newest generation of sommeliers really want to help you find something delicious to drink, so you should just get chatty!

In this episode of Wine Protips, Patrick suggests a few things that you should tell a sommelier so that you will end up with a bottle of wine you really like.

[Video: Jessica Leibowitz]

I don't know about you, but after I finished watching this video, I got excited to talk to my next sommelier. Perhaps we should just think of sommeliers as wine bartenders—both bartenders and sommeliers want to serve you a drink that you'll like, and only you can steer them in the right direction!

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