Fashionably Bombed: Tangerine Dream Champagne Cocktail

Editor's Note: Over at their blog, Fashionably Bombed, sisters Flannery and Katherine Good always seem to be having a great time, whether they're making a Junior Mint Julep or a cocktail decked out with sprinkles. They'll be stopping by with drink recipes and outfit suggestions so we can all get Fashionably Bombed. Take it away, Flannery and Katherine!


Every year around this time we get a bunch of annoying requests for low-cal cocktails, which we usually just ignore, because, let's be honest, if you want a low-cal beverage, drink water. We refuse to use artificial sweeteners or "diet" anything in our cocktails. But this year, after inventing several fabulous champagne cocktails for New Year's Eve, we scratched our heads, looked at each other and said, "Wait! I think we just invented some low-cal cocktails! Healthy, even?" OK, healthy may be a bit of a stretch, but they are made with fresh ingredients and most importantly, they're seriously delicious.

We are obsessed with freshly squeezed citrus juice this time of year, since our backyards here in Central California are overflowing with tangerines, oranges, and grapefruit. This Tangerine Dream Champagne Cocktail is tangy and fun—the perfect way to use up any leftover Champagne, Prosecco, or Cava that you might have lying around after your New Year's Eve bash.

A fashion tip to go with your drink: Did you know that Tangerine Tango is the official Pantone Color of 2012? That seems like reason enough to whip up this cocktail and bust out every shade of orange in your closet.

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