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Each winter just as the cold became unbearable, my grandparents would send us a box of grapefruits from Florida. On this special occasion, my mother pulled the juicer out of the cupboard, whatever time of day it was, and began squeezing a glass for each of us: tall, jewel-toned pints of the sweetest, tangiest grapefruit juice of the year.

These days, I still reach for grapefruit juice for a little gulp of sunshine, but on cold winter nights, I want to doctor it up a bit. Cocktails—whether herbal with gin or warmed with brandy, light and bright with prosecco or spiked with tequila—are the ideal showcase winter citrus. I sought out delicious recipes featuring Meyer lemons, blood oranges, Satsumas, grapefruit, and lime, looking for drinks where the citrus was allowed to really shine.

After a few long sessions of shaking and stirring citrusy concoctions created by bar stars like Jackson Cannon of The Hawthorne in Boston, Sean McClure of Craft in New York, Debbi Peek of the Bristol in Chicago, Todd Maul of Clio in Boston, and a few others, these 15 favorites emerged: refreshing drinks with an excellent balance of tart acidity and fresh sweetness. Just the right thing to sip as we wait for the weather to get warmer.

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The Bristol's Winter Caipirinha »
Todd Maul's Polaris »
Jackson Cannon's Adriatique »
Great Gatsby from Highlands Bar and Grill »
Blood Orange Negroni from Bottega »
The John Dory's Brooklynite Cocktail »
Kumquat and Fennel Smash from Craft »
Meyer Lemon Tom Collins from Hot and Hot Fish Club »
Dutch Courage from Highlands Bar and Grill »
The John Dory's Lawrence Welk »
Whitehall's No. 8 »
Jackson Cannon's The Squeeze »
Kumquat Margarita »
Jackson Cannon's Cold Spring Cocktail »
The Mickey Rourke »

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