Top 15 Beer Posts of 2011

This year we drank all sorts of beer—delicious pilsners, local IPAs, incredible sour ales and serious saisons. We attended more than a few beer festivals, and we got the chance to tour some excellent craft breweries. And all the while, our great contributors were here offering new beer discoveries, tips on homebrewing, and how to find the best cheap beer.

Here are the top 15 most popular beer posts on Serious Eats: Drinks from 2011, based on unique page visitors.

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1. Homebrewing: How to Pick the Right Beer Recipe
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5. 2011 Samuel Adams Utopias: Beer Worth $150?
6. Serious Beer: American Pale Ales
7. Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Cheap Light Beer
8. My 8 Favorite Christmas Beers
9. Beer Pairings: The Best Beers to Drink with Pizza
10. Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Bud Light Lime
11. Homebrewing: How to Build a Mash Tun
12. Serious Beer: 10 New Pumpkin Beers
13. Homebrewing: How to Grow Hops at Home
14. Beer History: The 'Other' Sour Beers
15. Homebrewing: How to Keg Your Beer