Top 10 Wine Posts of 2011

This year, we fell for delicious Pinot Noir and Tempranillo, Muscat and Muscadet. But we—like the rest of you—were especially pleased when we found a good value in wine, whether in boxes or bottles, under screwcaps or fat Champagne corks. Here are our top ten most popular posts about wine this year, based on unique page visitors.

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1. The Serious Eats Guide to the Best Boxed Wine 2. The Best Two Buck Chuck (and What To Do With It) 3. Terry Theise On the Price of Wine 4. Do You Use Fancy Wine Glasses? 5. Wine Protips Video: How To Send Wine Back Without Looking Like A Jerk 6. Wine Pairing: What to Drink with Pizza 7. The Basics of Pairing Drinks With Your Food 8. Amateur Wine Taste-Along: Pinot Noir and The Sideways Effect 9. Our Search for the Best Riesling 10. We Tried Every Trader Joe's Private Label Coastal Wine