Los Angeles: Top Notch Eggnog from Broguiere's


[Photographs: Daniel Berson]

Sure, the temperature dips a few degrees and there's the occasional Santa on skates blazing down the Venice boardwalk, but the real indication that it's holiday season in Los Angeles is when Broguiere's eggnog begins showing up on grocery store shelves around the city.

Like all of the milk products from this 91-year-old family dairy, the eggnog from the Montebello-based Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy is packaged in old fashioned glass bottles, adorned with a sketch of a happy cow and the slogan, "Milk so Fresh, the Cow Doesn't Know it's Missing."


The eggnog is a bright, vibrant yellow, and as you open the bottle, a waft of seasonal sensory bliss emerges, with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg. But it's when you pour the eggnog that you realize how special this concoction is. The pour is languid and slow, a velvety waterfall reminiscent of sweet condensed milk.

A sip confirms the nog's uniqueness; it is luscious, almost custardy, but there's a crisp cool brightness to it. It's less sweet than you might expect, with some real spicy complexity. It would certainly get along great with a splash of rum or whiskey, but it doesn't require spiking, it's delicious straight from the bottle.

At $6.99 a bottle, this 'nog's not cheap, but it's almost silly how rich and velvety an elixir it is—one sip and all Scrooge-like thoughts about price are banished. This liquid gold is worth every penny.

Have you tried it yet?