Hangover Helper: Wiener Schnitzel at Leopold's, San Francisco


[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

Given that Leopold's sells beer by the 3 liter boot-full, they sure as hell better have a good hangover brunch to follow. And they do: this Russian Hill restaurant serves the type of creamy, stick to your ribs Austrian food which is just the thing to help you recover from das boot. Take their Wiener Schnitzel ($15.25). A piece of pork is pounded out to the size of approximately half your plate then fried and served piping hot. It's a simple thing done ver well: the pork is flavorful and moist and the breading is thin and crisp.

Now, for most people this piece of meat and its generous potato salad accompaniment would be enough to cure a hangover. But let me remind you about that 3 liter boot. The smart move is to ask for a fried egg on top of your schnitzel, a request which the kitchen will graciously oblige. When you poke the soft egg yolk over the schnitzel, you get a runny egg yolk and fried meat combination that is simply awesome.

2400 Polk Street, San Francisco California, 94109 (map) 415-474-2000 leopoldssf.com