Hangover Helper: Migas at Goode Company Taqueria in Houston

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.


[Photo: Carey Jones]

"This was where we'd come for breakfast after big nights out," said a Houston-native friend as we stood in line to order at Goode Company Taqueria. And I could see why. The counter-service Houston restaurant is ideal for groups, with a huge seating area and outdoor patio; and it's got an extensive menu with just about every permutation of eggs, meat, and hot sauce you could imagine. (Including stranger options like "Quail and Eggs" and "Venison Sausage with Eggs.")

We were quite happy with the migas ($9.95), eggs with crumbled chorizo and bits of crisp tortilla integrated so that every bite had something meaty, a little spice, a little corny crunch. Salty and just hot enough and insanely filling, it's the sort of meal that rights what's wrong with you. I loved the fresh-tasting, pliant flour tortillas, as a migas side as well as in the guise of soft tacos, wrapped around fajita-style beef or chicken. There's salsa, of course, but the better morning-after option is a side of queso: I've yet to meet anything not improved by a dip in molten gooey cheese sauce.

Every order should be followed up with a chocolate cinnamon shake ($2.95 for a massive small), lightly spiced, refreshing and somewhere around the consistency of soft-serve; there's no way to really get it through a straw. And if you need a little hair of the dog, their frozen margaritas are great—totally smooth and reasonably potent and tasting of lime rather than sour mix, they're easily the best I've had straight from a dispenser. (Another night in Houston, we found that Goode Company is as good a place to create a hangover as to cure one.)

Goode Company Taqueria

4902 Kirby Drive, Houston TX 77098 (map) 713-520-9153