12 Days of Christmas Beer: Shiner Holiday Cheer

Editor's Note: To help you get in the spirit, we'll be featuring a Christmas beer or a Winter Warmer every day for 12 days. Got a favorite seasonal brew? Let us know in the comments.


[Photograph: Alice Gao]



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Peaches and pecans don't scream holiday to me, but then again, I'm not from Texas. Spoetzl Brewery's Shiner Holiday Cheer is a Dunkleweizen-style dark wheat beer with the unusual addition of fruit and nuts. The aroma is rich and peachy, so you expect a blast of sweetness, but this beer is pretty crisp, with a tea-like bitterness, slight sourness on first sip and a bit more sweet roasted-peach flavor lingering on the finish.

It's not a rich beer, but the malt contributes a bit of caramel flavor, like the top crisp layer on a pecan pie. The beer is pretty nicely integrated considering how many different flavors are going on, but it may not hit your seasonal buttons if you're not somewhere warm.

Still, we'd happily drink this with smoked ribs, sausage, or pulled pork.

Have you tried Shiner Holiday Cheer? What do you think?