12 Days of Christmas Beer: Goose Island Mild Winter

Editor's Note: To help you get in the spirit, we'll be featuring a Christmas beer or a Winter Warmer every day for 12 days. Got a favorite seasonal brew? Let us know in the comments.


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]



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I haven't been drinking much Goose Island since they were bought out by Anheuser-Busch, but I am curious to see how the beers evolve after the sale, and whether the brewery maintains a consistently tasty product or starts to make cost-cutting shortcuts. If Mild Winter is any indication, I'd say these are still beers I'm happy to have available on tap and at local stores, especially stores that don't offer a ton of craft beer options.

Goose Island Mild Winter is malty and creamy, with rye for a touch of spice. The crisp finish may be a little sour and bitter for some, but there's enough dry-cocoa and toffee richness to balance it. I'm glad this beer doesn't veer toward sweetness; it's ideal for pairing with a grilled steak or lentil soup (especially if you've made it with a meaty ham hock). I bet it would be good with tacos, too.

Have you tried Goose Island's Mild Winter? What do you think of Goose Island beers in general these days?