10 Most Popular Posts in Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Tea

This year we kept warm and caffeinated with lots of coffee and tea-related posts (and some hot chocolate, too.) We learned a lot about brewing and steeping techniques, found out some of the best places to sip, and got to know a few people in the biz. Here were our top 10 posts in coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for 2011, based on unique page visitors.

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1. How To Make Japanese-Style Iced Coffee 2. Choffy: Chocolate You Brew Like Coffee 3. Coffee Tragedies: The Shattered French Press 4. How Coffee Gets Decaffeinated: The Water Process 5. How to Brew Coffee With a Moka Pot 6. Taste Test: Canned and Bottled Ready-To-Drink Coffee 7. Would You Try These Extreme Coffee Creamers? 8. 5 Small-But-Mighty Coffee Roasters to Seek Out 9. How To Brew the Ultimate Sun Tea 10. NY Coffee Guide: The Best Coffee in the East Village and Lower East Side