What's Your Favorite Mexican Soda?


[Photos: John M. Edwards]

(No, not just Mexican Coke. Though we like that, too.)

At just about every stop on our aforementioned Texas taco tour*, we scoped out the drink options. Putting back 25 or 30 tacos at a "meal" gets you pretty thirsty. Taco truck after taco truck had Jarritos; plenty of establishments had Mexican Coke as well. Our favorite, though? Sidral Mundet.

If you've never had one, Sidral Mundet is a cider-flavored carbonated soda that comes from our neighbors to the south. If you don't look too carefully, you could miss the engraved apple on the glass bottle and not have any idea what sort of flavor you were in for. But Sidral is essentially a non-alcoholic apple cider.

*Yes, we will actually write about these tacos one day.

It's the perfect accompaniment to a taco, actually, or just about anything with a little heat. (For that matter, it's also great on its own in hot weather.) It's sweet, but not offensively so; it's crisp and tart and actually cider-like, closer to its alcoholic counterpart than something like a Martinelli's. Though we intended our Texas trip to be all about tacos (and the agua fresca here and there), we came away with a few other favorites; we definitely would've smuggled a few Sidral Mundet and Mui-Bon Avellana with us if we'd had room in our luggage.

We've been intending a thorough tasting of the Jarritos line, but now we're intrigued by other Mexican sodas, too. (Though it turns out Jarritos actually makes Sidral Mundet, as is so often the case with soda.)

What's your favorite Mexican soda?