Spot of Tea: Palais des Thés Créations


[Photograph: Alice Gao]

If you've ever been to the Palais des Thés in Paris, you've probably found yourself coveting these well-designed tins of aromatic teas. Since they've recently launced a US e-commerce site, you can order them at home now (or buy a fancy gift for someone special.) We recently tried a few of their flavored teas (called Créations) and found a lot to like.

Our favorite of the three was the Thé des Songes, an oolong tea scented (but not over-scented) with lemon peel and flower petals. It perfectly balances earthy flavors with delicate floral notes—it's much subtler than the Hammam, deepkly malty and dark and less perfumey. This tea is truly satisfying on a cool rainy day, and we anticipate steeping ourselves many, many cups of it this winter.


The Thé du Hammam is an aromatic green tea flavored with roses, dates, berries, and orange flower water, apparently inspired by a Turkish tea blend. Silky-smooth green tea has just enough bitterness to balance the heady floral flavors, but some may find this tea a bit overwhelming.

The Thé des Moines has a haunting anise-like flavor; it's a blend of green and black teas with vanilla pods and Calendula petals. The tea's smokiness balances the vanilla nicely; it's a rich, perfumey flavor, but not an oversweet one.

Have you tried any teas from Palais des Thés? Which is your favorite?

Available online, $15 for 3.5 ounce pouch. Samples provided for review.