9 Great Punch Recipes from New York City's Bars

[Photographs: Alice Gao]

New York is one of the best places to be as winter gently begins. The air crisps, the leaves cover sidewalks, and the city is shot through with the sparking excitement of the impending holidays. If you had any doubts about the spirit of the season, look no further than some of New York's best bars and restaurants, where holiday punches are making appearances on menus across the city.

Is there anything more convivial than a brimming bowl of punch? Once relegated to the dusty corners of Victorian nostalgia, punch has been making a serious comeback, with bartenders creatively combining herbs, spices, and blends of alcohol and juices. We're glad to see it on menus year-round, but the sharable nature of punch makes it the perfect addition to spice up your holiday party. These nine punch recipes from Prime Meats, The Drink, and Slightly Oliver offer a wide range of flavors, from bubbly and refreshing to rich and laced with cinnamon. We dare anyone to remain a Scrooge after a glass (or three).

Check out the punches (and get the recipes) in the slideshow!

Go Straight to the Recipes

Rosemary, Baby! from Prime Meats
The Outcider from Prime Meats
The Old Gunwhale from The Drink
The Queequeg from The Drink
The Applebottom from The Drink
Sailor's Punch from Slightly Oliver
Bolliwood Punch from Slightly Oliver
Last Night in Paris from Slightly Oliver
Virgin Island Punch from Slightly Oliver