5 Great Punch Recipes from Los Angeles Bars

[Photographs: Rebecca Fishman]

Punch season is upon us. These festive concoctions are warming and easy to drink, often blending small dashes of various spirits with the sweet and tart flavors of fresh fruit, making them a bit less boozy and more sippable than spirit-forward classic cocktails. And perhaps spurred on by last year's publication of Dave Wondrich's Punch, these convivial, sharable concoctions are seeing a decided resurgence. We like to think of them as the bar's equivalent to the family-style meal.


Plus there's the practical appeal to punches. In the era of the hand-crafted bespoke cocktail, these multi-serving mixes are in many ways the bartender's (and party host's) best friend. We recently toured some of Los Angeles' best bars in search of truly delicious punches that you can make at home for holiday parties and family dinners.

Here are five great recipes, from heady champagne-topped elixirs to refreshing tequila concoctions.

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Library Bar's Jamaican Waiting Punch
Jalisco Flower from Copa D'Oro
Guadalupe Bowl from Comme Ça
Kentucky River Fish Kill Punch from Seven Grand
Cana Rum Bar's Jitterbug Perfume Punch