6 Smoothies We Love in Washington, DC

When I began my search for the best smoothies in the DC area, I was pointed toward Jamba Juice and Robek's. When I added the stipulation that I didn't want ingredients I couldn't pronounce, lots of sugar, or any boosters that would supposedly help me through the day, I came up empty-handed.


When I think of a quality smoothie, I look for something smooth, well-balanced, refreshing, and made with fresh fruit. If there are seeds, I want 'em ground real small. If there is sugar, I want to taste the fruit and hardly know it's there. After sipping smoothies all around town, these six shops rose to the top, offering delicious ways to get your daily allotment of fruits and vegetables in drinkable form.

Check out our favorite DC smoothies in the slideshow. Do you have other smoothie favorites to recommend? Share them in the comments!

Go straight to the smoothies:
Blues Cruise Smoothie at Juice Joint Cafe
Pineapple, mango, and raw cashew milk smoothie at Java Green Cafe
All Berries Smoothie at Wellness Cafe
Carrot Nog at Everlasting Life Café
Berry Superfood Smoothie at Yola
Mango lassi at Haandi