Spot of Tea: Joe Tea in Bottles


[Photograph: Alice Gao]

If you're looking for tea, you're probably best off brewing your own, letting it cool, and putting it in a reusable bottle if you're on the go. But if you're looking for a sweet drink that hints at tea but isn't bitter or potent, these drinks from Joe's are fun and tasty.

Joe's Low Sugar Green Tea contains just filtered water, pure cane sugar, green tea, and citric acid. It's smooth, mellow and surprisingly sweet (each bottle has about 63 calories.) It's a thirst quencher for green tea beginners: there's only the slightest hint of classic earthy green tea flavors, and the citrusy tartness comes forward more, but it's tasty and pleasant, not bitter at all. On a hot day, we'd happily chug a bottle.

The Half Lemon Tea Half Lemonade is tongue-curlingly sweet, nearly candy-sweet, and perhaps more like lemon peels infused in sweet tea than a spritz of actual tart lemon juice, but we found ourselves drinking more of it than we'd planned. It's delicately tea-flavored, with a backbone of black tea flavor and again, no bitterness.

The Peach Tea tastes exactly like melted peach Jolly Ranchers, in the most pleasing way. It's certainly going to give you a sugar rush, but if that's what you're looking for, this stuff will give you the taste of super-ripe candied peaches any time of year.

Have you tried these teas?

Available online in 12-bottle cases. Sample provided for review.