Snapshots from the Great American Beer Festival 2011

[Photographs: John Kleinchester]



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This year, the Brewer's Association celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado. Thousands of beer geeks flocked to the Colorado Convention Center to take part in the festivities, which featured over 2400 different beers from 465 breweries. Spread out over three days and four sessions, attending GABF is every craft beer fan's rite of passage.

Denver's already a fantastic beer city during the other 362 days of the year, but the influx of thousands of the beer industry's biggest names and thirstiest patrons makes the city even more exciting for beer lovers. Almost every bar or restaurant had some sort of great beer event going on, so even if you didn't have tickets to the festival there were plenty of other opportunities for drinking delicious craft beer.

And the festival itself? It was certainly a monumental task attempting to traverse the hall floor; there were so many great things to taste and interesting brewers to meet. Check out a few of our favorite sips in the slideshow. If you attended GABF, what were the highlights for you?

About the Author/Photographer: John Kleinchester is a beer blogger, homebrewer and a Cicerone certified beer server. He blogs at Beertography.