Spicy Drinks: New Flavors from Prometheus Springs


[Photograph: Alice Gao]

If you're a heat-fanatic or a chili-head, you probably know about the capsaicin-spiced juice drinks from Prometheus Springs. They recently released three new flavors, so we tried them out.

The mango chili is really nicely balanced: sweet and fresh at first, and then it begins to burn on your tongue and the back of your throat. Not for drinking alongside spicy food, this stuff is something like a vindaloo and a mango lassi all in one, but without the heavy yogurt base. And yeah, we'd put a splash of rum in it, maybe muddle a little mint with it too. This was our favorite of the new flavors (though we also like the Lychee Wasabi flavor, which has been around awhile and Carrie Vasios wrote up in March.)

The spicy pear is a little sweeter and more perfumey-floral in a way that might not work for everybody; you might be reminded of pear candy, and though it has a bit of tartness, the flavors don't quite balance out. Pear is a tricky flavor to make work, but we likely won't reach for this one again.

The most intense of the bunch is the citrus cayenne, which brings together lemon, grapefruit, and pear in a puckering, mouthburning concoction. It's tart, sour, and hot enough to make your sweat a bit...there's definitely more heat and more tartness here than either of the juice cleanse spicy lemonades we tried.

Have you tried these new drinks? Can you stand the heat?