Los Angeles: 5 Scotch Whisky Cocktails We Love

[Photographs: Rebecca Fishman, unless otherwise noted]

To talk about Scotch whisky cocktails without alluding to the pretty fantastic Scottish proverb, "There are two things a Highlander likes naked, and one of them is malt whiskey" would be a real shame. As has been discussed here before, flavorful, layered, complex Scotch whiskys are tough to bring into the cocktail fold, often fighting other flavors like an out-of-tune soprano in a chorus of baritones.

But here in Los Angeles, hidden among the lesser versions are a few stand-out Scotch cocktails, blended with enough care and finesse to make them worth the occasional diversion from the single malt neat. These are bright, bold cocktails—some classic and some veering more toward the experimental, and they're all there for your viewing and sipping pleasure in the slideshow above.

Our Picks:
Rob Roy at Musso & Frank Grill
Penicillin at Comme Ça
Four on the Floor at Hungry Cat
Smoke on the Water (Pliska) at Bar Centro
Dangy Taggart at Seven Grand