Hangover Helper: Chorizo and Egg Torta

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.


[Photo: Carey Jones]

Bacon-and-egg sandwich? Sure, that might set you right after one beer too many. But for days when that's not enough, I find that a chorizo and egg torta does the trick.

After a Sunday afternoon that involved six Advil, three bottles of Gatorade, and a football game and a half, I managed to haul myself off the couch and trek down to Brooklyn's Sunset Park, where we sat outside at Tacos Ricos and devoured this torta ($6). It starts with crumbly, vinegary chorizo (one of the most flavorful ways of delivering fat directly to your stomach) bound together with eggs on the griddle, topped with avocado, tomato, stringy mozzarella-like quesillo cheese, peppers, and unholy amounts of mayonnaise.

Drippy and sloppy and unbelievably satisfying, the chorizo oils flavor the whole thing, while the cheese and egg bulk it up and the perfectly crackly torta roll struggles to contain it all. When this guy landed in front of me, I was pretty convinced I couldn't possibly finish it. But you know how after that first bite of something delicious on an empty hangover stomach, some strange eating force takes over? I couldn't have stopped if I'd tried. Ten minutes later, plucking the last chorizo crumbs up from an empty plate, I wondered how I'd ever doubted myself.

Tacos Ricos

505 51st Street, Brooklyn NY 11220 (map) 718-633-4816