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The locavore's ultimate dream? [Photograph from]

Could your living room be the next buzzed-about coffee origin?

Well, you'd have to buy a lot of these delightful Grow Your Own Coffee kits to produce anything near enough beans to make a splash, but it's still fun to think of yourself as a kind of armchair Juan Valdez.


Sure, the average coffee plant produces roughly the equivalent of one pound of beans, and that's only after maturing for five years and if everything goes right during the cherry's development. And then, of course, you've got to process the stuff. Will you go with washed or natural? Ignoring, too, the fact that coffee only thrives in tropical climates, and bypassing the small logistical detail of roasting and brewing, and, well, this sounds like a great DIY project.

All kidding aside, though, I think it's just as cool to grow your own coffee plant—decorative or functional, as it may be—as it is to cultivate a windowsill herb garden. (Though perhaps not as useful when, say, scrounging for leafy toppings on your next homemade pizza.) At least you can eventually chew the cherry on those more desperate mornings...

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