Cool Drinks, San Francisco: The Yuzu Palmer at YanikiQ Cafe


The Arnold Palmer is my favorite non-alcoholic drink. Traditionally a combination of equal parts lemonade and iced tea, it's got the best of both worlds: the caffeine and earthy flavor of tea and the citrusy brightness of lemonade.

YanikiQ Cafe in Japantown gives the Arnold Palmer a cultural twist by replacing lemonade with yuzu juice. It has the tartness of a lemon with sweeter, fragrant overtones of orange and grapefruit. The resulting Yuzu Palmer ($4.25) is sweet, tart, and a nice little pick-me-up.

This drink gets points for presentation: the iced tea and yuzu juice stay separate until you stir the drink, creating a pretty color block effect. The yuzu juice has a bit of pulp, which home-style OJ lovers will appreciate. It's quite a tall drink, perfect for sipping or sharing while you make your way through a plate of YanikiQ's selection of macarons.

YanikiQ Cafe

1640 Post Street, San Francisco, Califonia (map) 415-441-9291