Ultimate Chocolate Shakes at The Chocolate Factory in Milwaukee


[Photographs: Lacey Muszynski]

The Chocolate Factory's name is a little confusing, until you learn the history of this sub sandwich and ice cream shop. Originally it sold ice cream and candy, including chocolate, and always made homemade hot fudge. It soon dropped the candy, but one of the owners started making his own ice cream. That same Blommer's ice cream is still used today, almost 40 years later.

One of the unique ice cream flavors is called I'm Talkin' Chocolate, a super dark bittersweet chocolate made from three different African cocoas. It makes the richest, darkest chocolate shake you can find. It's not too sweet, with a slightly bitter, coffee-like undertone. If you're serious about chocolate, this is the shake for you. Whipped cream offers a little reprieve from the intensity of the chocolate.


Blue moon shakes have appeared on this site before, but this was the best I've tried in recent memory. Sometimes the mysterious flavor can be a bit light, but this shake was over-the-top with the distinct fruity-almond flavor. It was super thick but still smooth, as was the chocolate shake.

Chocolate Factory

5800 N. Bayshore Drive, Glendale, WI (map) 414-962-6770; www.subsandicecream.com