Riesling Report: Johann Wilhelm Schild Ürziger Würtzgarten Spätlese, 2007

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If you see it, buy it. The 2007 is particularly gorgeous, but I'd happily explore any vintage of this wine. The name of the winemaker is written quite small on this bottle (perhaps he's humble) but you can't miss the vineyard—Ürziger Würtzgarten, the 'spice garden' of the Mosel, known for its old vines on steep hills of slate and bright red, iron-rich sandstone. Wines from this vineyard tend to be spicy, and this one really captures that; it's roiling with flavor.


The steep red slopes of Ürziger Würtzgarten [Photo: Rudi Wiest Selections] Note, this wine is imported by Schafer-Reichart Selections.

Up front, there's a ton of sassafras and lime leaf, then plump, juicy red-fleshed plums and fragrant, sweet peaches, crisp Macintosh apples (including the skins) and a dusting of pollen. It seems gilded, gleaming and fresh, with an orangey acidity and a intense splash of bright peppermint. Your mouth tingles cleanly after each sip.

Drink this wine on its own, or serve with delicate salmon or arctic char crudo, crab cakes (don't go crazy with the seasoning), or darker poultry like turkey or quail.

Around $18, sample provided for review.

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