New Brew: Guinness Black Lager

One Big Bottle

The brews we're sipping, one by one.


[Photographs: Jessica Leibowitz]

20110909-guinness-cap.jpgI'd drink porter and stout anytime, but this early in the fall, you may want to reach for something a little crisper. Guinness recently released the first lager brewed under the Guinness name—a black lager—and we gave it a try.

This beer pours dark brown (though not opaque) and tastes crisp but lightly roasty, with hints of coffee and molasses with a medium-light body. There's a bit of sourness at the core and a hint of char on the finish, but this is an approachable, easy-drinking beer. It's not super-rich or super-complex, but it offers a little more than your standard lager. We'd happily pick up a sixpack to drink alongside some chili, cornbread, and football.

September release. Sample provided for review.