Hangover Helper: Fried Chicken Benedict at Highland Bakery, Atlanta

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.


[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

Here's the thing: just about everything on the menu at Highland Bakery could be a hangover helper. The plethora of grits, biscuits, eggs, and generally overflowing plates of delicious food make it a paradise for the hungover and the hungry. But if, hypothetically, you overindulged in mint juleps last night, having convinced yourself that drinking them is an important cultural activity while visiting the South, there is one dish on the menu at Highland that calls your name: the Fried Chicken Benedict ($10.99).

Yep, a Southern interpretation of the traditional brunch dish Eggs Benedict. The base is classic: two poached eggs which release their runny yolks when jabbed with a fork. But instead of Hollandaise, the eggs are liberally topped with a jalapeno cheddar sauce that almost overflows the plate. The sauce is rich and creamy yet not too thick—its texture remains almost identical to traditional hollandaise. The jalapeno isn't aggressive; it has a spiciness that slowly grows as you work your way through the dish.

The next twist is the kicker. Instead of two slices of Canadian bacon there are two pieces of fried chicken, a decision that made me both incredibly happy and incredibly curious as to whether fried chicken is so ubiquitous in the South that people treat it with the nonchalance of sliced deli meat. My only complaint was that under the onslaught of cheese sauce and egg yolk, the fried chicken lost its crisp outer shell.

Finally, instead of an English muffin there is a toasted biscuit, and instead of homefries, a shockingly large pile of fluffy, creamy grits.

Highland Bakery

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