Hangover Helper: Artichoke Hash Benedict at Caffe Delucchi, San Francisco

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.


[Photograph: Lauren Sloss]

This past Thanksgiving I had a revelation: leftover stuffing topped with poached eggs is maybe the best thing ever. Furthermore, it acts as an excellent remedy after hitting your hometown bars a little too hard (oh hey, O'Neill's!). Fortunately, thanks to discovering the artichoke hash benedict ($10) at Caffe Delucchi in North Beach, I don't have to wait until the holidays to recreate this oh-so-excellent dish. Well, almost. Although it's not stuffing, the artichoke hash, a pan-fried mix of potatoes, onion, artichoke, and bread crumbs, is an excellent combination of stuff simply begging to be doused in runny egg yolk.

The eggs themselves were very nicely poached, and served on slices of ripe tomato. The dish's accompaniments, creamy polenta (fine if uninspired) and a small hunk of sourdough baguette were nothing to write home about, but I was too deep into my hash 'n' eggs to care much. One major added benefit this benedict had over my at-home creation: it was covered in a nicely prepared hollandaise sauce. Now that's a touch I'm almost guaranteed to skip when cooking hungover.

Caffe Delucchi

500 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco CA 94133 (map) 415-393-4515; caffedelucchi.com