Great Drinks for Labor Day Weekend


[Photograph: mrhayata on Flickr]

Whether you're grilling in the backyard or gathering on a rooftop, chilling at the beach or on a boat, this weekend's going to call for a few refreshing beverages. Here are a few recommendations from the Serious Eats: Drinks team.

You'll Need Beer, Obviously

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Pitchers, Punches, and Sangria

Starfruit Sangria »
Fresh Watermelon Sangria »
Apple Sangria »
Gin and Lillet Punch »
Perfect Pimm's Cup »
Champagne Cup »
Plymouth Pilgrims' Punch »
Garrick Club Punch »

Tart and Refreshing Cocktails


Paloma Brava »
Santa Carla »
Dirty Diana »
Basil Daiquiri »

Sip Some Summer Fruit


Blackberry Margarita »
Apricot and Mint Cocktail »
Perfect Peach »
Blueberries and Bourbon »
Blackberry Royal »

Don't Forget About Wine!


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Alcohol-Free Options


Mint Lemonade »
Plum Shrub Ginger Soda »
Pineapple Mint Agua Fresca »
Sparkling Cider Sangria »
Chili Peach Juice »
Virgin Grilled-Tomato Bloody Maria »
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What are you drinking this weekend?