Brunch Drinks: Lucrenzia's Coffee


[Photograph: Heather Arndt Anderson]

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This brunch cocktail is named after the infamous Lucrenzia Borgia, a woman whose family originated from Valencia (home of the famous oranges). She was rumored to have proclivities for incest and poisoning anyone who got in her way. These are just rumors, though; she was also purported to be beautiful, blond and buxom, which is how these rumors tend to start. To that I say, hate on, haters.

This drink is based on the café Borgia, which is the first coffee drink I ever tried. It was the grungy 90s in the Pacific Northwest, and I was a pink-haired fifteen year-old wearing shredded long johns with a baby doll dress, Docs and an army jacket. I was out with older kids and wanted to look cool but didn't know if I liked coffee. So I ordered the Borgia: espresso, chocolate, steamed milk and orange zest. I was hooked.

This grownup version is made with chilled Stumptown coffee, homemade coffee liqueur, a little chocolate liqueur, a dash of orange bitters, and topped with frothed milk. Homemade coffee liqueur is as easy as steeping a scoop of freshly-ground coffee and a vanilla bean in a jar full of vodka for a few hours, then cutting it in half with simple syrup. By the by, this would be an excellent time to bust out those Japanese-style iced coffee techniques.

Caffeine? Booze? Pick your poison.

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