Philadelphia: Cactus Pear and Fig Milkshake at Capogiro Gelato


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

At Capogiro Gelato in Philadelphia you can pick any two gelato flavors for them to spin into supple milkshake. Do you go with the classics—flavors like espresso, vanilla, and chocolate? Or do you go with the kooky ones?

I asked the fellow behind the counter to whip me up his favorite, and it was stellar—a balanced blend of cactus pear and black fig. The prickly cactus pear is responsible for that sunny pink shade and a hint of crisp tartness while fig mellows the concoction in both color and flavor, ensuring that each sip is laced with tiny fig seeds. It's medium-thick, easily sippable but not too liquid. Don't forget the whipped cream—it comes free and they serve it in a separate cup should your milkshake verge on overflowing.

Capogiro Gelato

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