Behind the Scenes at Maine Mead Works, Portland, Maine

Behind the Scenes

Your ticket into the secret world of boozemaking.

[Photos: Andrew Strenio]

A 70 year scotch is pretty old. A 200 year old bottle of wine is older. A cognac that predates the American Revolution? Practically prehistoric! But those old drinks don't come close to the history of fermented honey. It has been said that mead is the ancestor of all fermented drinks.

It can be challenging for a beverage older than agriculture to maintain its relevance over the years. Indeed, you rarely see mead these days except at Renaissance Festivals or as a novelty at a theme party.


Maine Mead Works is on a mission to change all that. Using cutting edge techniques—continuous fermentation, for one—and inventive flavorings, such as hops and lavender, they have crafted some dangerously drinkable booze. We were recently treated to a tour of their meadery. Come join us as we follow the process of turning liquid gold into the world's oldest fermented drink: honey wine.

Maine Mead Works

51 Washington Avenue, Portland, ME (map) 207-773-6323;