Milwaukee: Superman Shakes at the Nite Owl Drive-in


[Photographs: Lacey Muszynski]

The Nite Owl Drive-in is a classic burger and ice cream joint that's been operating since 1948. The tiny dining room exudes charm, from the faded antique photographs to the walk-up counter service and hand-written tickets.

The shakes are classic, too, but one flavor, the Superman shake, really stands out. It's a modern mix of blue raspberry, lemon, and strawberry, blended with milk for a muddled violet color. The flavor is reminiscent of a creamy, rich rainbow sherbet. The milk rounds out the slightly sour ice cream. It's perfect for lovers of dreamsicle-type desserts.


Not feeling like a Superman? There's a thick layer of dark chocolate chunks in the bottom of each mint chip shake. The shake has a pronounced mint flavor and dark chocolate is a great bitter foil. Both shakes are just the right thickness for drinking with a meal, great for washing down the Nite Owl's jumbo burgers.

Nite Owl Drive-in

830 E. Layton Avenue, Milwaukee WI 53207 (map); 414-483-2524