Spot of Tea: Two Leaves and a Bud Orange Sencha


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

I've always eyed the pricey Two Leaves and a Bud teas covetously and curiously—beautiful packaging does that to me. I sprung for it this week, since we're allowed green tea on our (shh...) juice cleanse. (More on that later.) Each sachet is filled with full-leaf organic Japanese green tea and organic orange peel (plus sunflower petals.)

The tea isn't fakey-orange tasting, just very delicately infused, like you'd set an orange next to your stove while you boiled the kettle. I actually prefer it this way (orange teas often disappoint) and the tea is delicate and smooth, not grassy but earthy, with hints of buttery fried sage and artichoke. I like it, though I'm not certain I'd spring for this flavor again.

$7.95 for 15 sachets, available online.