Serious Eats Goes on a Juice Cleanse: Day 2


Apple, carrot, beet, lemon, ginger juice. [Photo: Robyn Lee]

We survived Day 1 (though we were super-full of juice)'s how the second day of the Juice Adventure treated us. Wondering why we're doing this? Go back to our intro here.


I sort of hate myself for saying this, but I woke up at 6:00 a.m. alert, energized, and not hungry in the slightest. (Believe me, this surprised me, too.) My morning workout was no problem at all, and I downed juice #1 easily.

Off to a great start... until an hour later, I was hit by a wave of nausea and dizziness that had me lunging for the back of a chair to steady myself. I slumped down and spent ten minutes breathing deeply, head between my knees, waiting for it to pass. Commute time, and I wasn't sure whether I should get on the subway. I did, and immediately downed half my cashew milk when I got to work; that's out of order, but I felt as if bad things would happen if I didn't get some sort of nourishment.

That was my only low. The juices went down more easily, I got hungry for them at regular intervals, and I made it though all 6—finishing my cashew milk around 9 p.m., right on schedule. I will say that, while I've been more-or-less okay during the day, I'm exhausted at night; I'm usually up a good bit past midnight, but for the last two days I've had trouble focusing my eyes or forming coherent sentences after about 10:30.


The theme of Day Two: hungrier. I was ready to skip the recommended water with lemon wake-up gulp at 8 a.m. today to get some Green in me. I was also wishing it was Cashew Milk. Can't they all be Cashew Milk? Can't we drink the nutty, fatty stuff earlier in the day? I'll defer to BPC on the calculated order ("We Think, You Drink" is their tagline) but another theme so far has been: can cashew milk happen now, please?

Tonight I actually had my first social plans during this three-day "journey." A picnic at Prospect Park with friends, which inevitably meant a few bottles of wine on a blanket and a delightful little assortment of cheese, dips, baguette, and other non-juice treats. Walking uphill to the park (felt mostly fine walking, though I couldn't really imagine doing 1.5 hours of yoga tomorrow), I clutched my cashew milk like a security blanket. When they smear pita with hummus, drink your cashews, you will be fine.

A few friends had heard of BluePrint Cleanse and were fascinated. Lots of questions. You're really full? Six a day? I even passed the rest of CAB (#5, the red juice) around the blanket for sips.

Survived picnic in the park. Bon Iver was playing at the Bandshell so I'll have to thank his calming folksy rhythms for massaging away my hummus hankerings. Actually, it wasn't the hummus that was tempting, it was the aromas of saucy, fatty hot foods near me. Some girl nearby had take-out. Noodles with a thick blanket of melty cheese on top? No clue what she was eating, it could have been Velveeta, but the park evening breeze kept wafting it over to me.

Aromas that I wouldn't otherwise think or care about, like that cheese air or the fast food someone later had on the subway, the whiffs that usually go in one nostril and out the other, became much more noticeable and evocative.


The Blueprint website says it's ok to add a little lemon juice to the juice, and that really helps the taste of Big Green, as I've come to call it. I definitely was able to drink it faster than yesterday. Had some green tea and moved on to the pineapple-mint around 10:15. I do like this one, but it's a bit too sweet to feel healthy.

In our office, there is often pastry, there are always sandwiches, but there is rarely gorgeous produce. But Kenji walked in this morning with greenmarket tomatoes, and whipped up a beautiful salad for lunch...It does seem crazy not to eat it, but we passed. This is not a moderate diet, and it's a diet that will disrupt your life. Be sure to pick a week when you feel like being a bit of a hermit anyway.

I was pretty full of energy all day, but much hungrier than day one, drinking the green juice with lemon quite quickly at 12:30. Did the lemonade around 2, and by 3:30, I was really ready for some sustenance (an entire staff meeting discussing cereal made that even harder.) At 5:30 I cracked the red juice and split it in half—I was just too hungry to wait. I liked the red-juice flavor better today—what's that they say about 'the best sauce is hunger'?

I was energized during my walk home, but hyper-aware of all the food smells on each block. Gulped the cashew juice around 8:30. Half an hour later, as I was putting away laundry (under the admittedly hot lights in my bedroom) I felt a little nauseous. Did I drink the cashew too fast?

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