Riesling Report: Züm Mosel Riesling 2009

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I was in my neighborhood wine shop yesterday, calculating how many bottles I could possibly shove in my too-packed fridge, when this wine caught my eye. I couldn't avoid it, really; there were stacks and displays of Züm everywhere I turned. Was it a tremendously good deal (on sale for under $10) or did they just buy too much?

My verdict: this Mosel riesling is a solid budget pick. It's fruity and full in the mouth, but the sweetness is balanced with tart-apple acidity and silvery slate notes. It's recognizable as Mosel riesling, not as complex as the more expensive bottles, but full of pleasant hints of fennel and fresh tart plums. The only downside to this simple, drinkable wine is a tinge of bitter lime and grapefruit peel on the finish, but if you're drinking this with food, you likely won't notice. Serve with Thai noodle dishes or cold chicken.

Around $10, sample provided for review.

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