Riesling Report: Mönchhof Robert Eymael Riesling 2010

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Wow—this one is a steal. This Urzig, Germany estate has winemaking history going way, way back; their entry-level qualitätswein is a seriously good value for around $14 (and sometimes less.) Bright fruit bursts forward in the first sip: ripe apricots and juicy tangerines. Mouthwatering tartness balances the fruity sweetness; it tastes a bit like a mouthful of orange and strawberry Starburst candies. This wine has none of the reserved, austere qualities of the drier budget rieslings; it's as gulpable as freshly squeezed orange juice, and at 8% ABV, it goes down easy. The minerality is delicate, but you'd notice its absence.

This wine makes the case for a riesling breakfast: it has a ton in common with a Bellini. Serve with crisp sourdough waffles or lemon-ricotta pancakes and Canadian bacon.

Not a wine-with-breakfast type? Bring this bottle on a turkey-sandwich picnic, pair with marmalade-glazed grilled shrimp at a late summer barbecue, or serve it to a crowd at Thanksgiving.

Around $14, sample provided for review.

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